6 Chrome Extensions I Cannot Live Without As a Blogger

What are Chrome extensions?

Basically, extensions are some small software that you can install within your chrome browser and take the pleasure of using all the additional features and enhance the quality of your browser. These chrome extensions are available in your chrome browser and will help you to get the work done as quickly as possible and give more flexibility to all kinds of work.

Here are some chrome extensions you can download in your chrome browser and experience and an amazing adventure of your browser:

1. SEO Quake Lite

SEO Quake Lite is the very useful extension which will help you to not only deal with the search engine optimization techniques but also promote your website and attract traffic to your website. SEO Quake Lite also provides you with the Alexa rank. Alexa rank refers to the traffic ranking of a website.

2. Eye Dropper

Are you color selective? Are you interested in designing your blog with some different and unique colors? Then Eye Dropper is the perfect extension for you. You can choose the colors you like, save them or copy them to the clipboard and design your blog in a unique yet beautiful way. Also, every color that you chose will be stored in the chrome’s history so that it will be available for your use whenever you wish to use them.

3. Awesome Screenshot

Love to take the screenshot? Then Awesome Screenshot is the best tool for you to capture, save and edit the screenshots according to your own wish. With Awesome Screenshot extension, you can capture a screenshot, saving is done by default in the extension and then edit the screenshots as per your requirement. You can even blur the picture or crop the picture and send it to as many people as you want.

4. Follow

Comparing your website with others? Do you want to learn marketing? Then Follow is the best extension you can search for. Follow extension will provide you will full information of your and any website and will also lessen your work by determining the traffic data. Follow has been proven the number one tool for marketers, business people, and SEO.

5. Last Pass

Having difficulty in remembering the passwords of different sites? No worries the Last Pass is the best extension. All your passwords will be securely saved inside the Last Pass software and you can access the passwords from any corner of the world. Since the Last pass is safely securing all your passwords, little investment is necessary for that. Last Pass is a paid app.

6. Ad Block

Ad Block- the name itself means that this extension is used for blocking ads especially the unnecessary ones. There is an ad block already installed in chrome. This extension is made mostly for the iOS users to use in Safari, Opera, and iPhone.

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