20 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

A blog is similar to a website and making money though it has its own ways. For most one should make sure that the traffic on your blog has to increase in order to increase the amount of income you get from it. Increasing traffic will certainly lead to increasing the click rate. So here are some genuine and interesting methods that will make you earn through the blog of your very own.

Best ways to Make Money from your blog:

1. Money through various polls and surveys

There are many services on the website that will lead you to make few money through the several different polls and surveys that you may run on them.

2. The internal pages can be added and sold

There are few websites who will pay you to add their link to your website as the internal pages. These pages can be added on the rental basis. Or can also be permanently sold. The concept may be fruitful in terms of money but one should keep in mind that implementing it on only large blogs is fruitful.

3. Sponsored posts

It is implemented on few websites but still, it is not much used in the business. Sponsors pay to add their content to your website in order to add much traffic to their websites. This will work only if your blog originally generates much traffic.

4. Donations

Why even not trying this concept? You can ask your readers and visitors to support you and in order to do so, they can donate any amount to your growth. A link can be added for the donation. Where the users can initially go and easily donate their willing amount.

5. Text Advertising

In this method, the sponsors will add the links in between your texts. Once the user will click on the added link the traffic will automatically go to the website of the sponsors. And with more clicks surely you will end up making some bucks into your pockets. This method is not much used even though it offers handsome money. SO you may want to look for all the other options too before finalizing that you want to stick to this idea or any idea.

6. Various pop-up

Advertising uses pop-ups for a very long time and it may irritate many users but yet it is one of the most popular ways of promoting things over the internet. But you need to be aware that adding popups might distract your loyal users away from your blogs. But certainly, it will give you enough money.

7. Ads in Audio forms

Every time a user enters into the website you can make them view an audio ad of certain seconds which is also known as the pay per play.

8. Pay per click network

Who is not aware of the Google Adsense network. Here you only need to signup and add your website or blog for the availability of pay per click. It might cost you a little but it will certainly provide you with handsome traffic.

9. Direct Banner Advertising

You can add spaces to your blog and sell them for adding banners by other companies or websites and it will lead to earning some money for you.

10. Link Ads

It has recently become less popular but still, it is there in the service. One can sell either through a network or directly.

11. Widgets

It is one of the newest trend seen in the marketing line. Here few widgets can be added to the blog which will allow you to monetize the blog you are using.

12. Money via reviews

By this method you will have to write few sponsored reviews regarding several other websites or the products of those websites and this activity will lend you some money.

13. Money via RSS Feed

CPM based advertising is used to add this networking marketing method and in the end, you will have some money into your collection through the RSS Feed advertisements. This was made after the RSS Feed was promoted widely over the internet. There are few blogs which have opted this method in recent times.

14. Sponsored Columns

You can add several columns onto your blog where you can add a series of interviews or the success stories and in order too so the companies may like to sponsor the post about them which will let you monetize your posts.

15. Sponsored Events

Events like podcasts can be added to the blog you are operating. And just like the sponsored columns, you can ask the companies to sponsor the podcast where you might give information regarding them hence driving traffic to their business or website.

16. Premium Content

You can give a preview of your some content and if the users like that content you may ask them to visit the full content on a paid basis. By this the users will engage with your content increases the traffic alongside it will let you earn through every possible read.

17. Forums

There might be many availabilities of free forums over the internet but if you can enhance the service you may provide and the engagement to the forums then why not having a paid forums. The whole thing depends on your creative ideas for the execution of this.

18. Job Posts

The first requirement for this is to have a handsome amount of traffic after that you need to excel in the niche your blog targets onto. And that is when you can easily add few job boards to your blog and can monetize your posts.

19. Marketplaces

You can ask the users to add the products or even buy the products listed on the promoted websites. But it is only possible when the products are with a match to the niche your website targets onto.

20. Selling the blog

Certainly not the best idea but even not the worst. If you are done with the ideas mentioned above and yet are not able to fill your pockets then you can get done with your blog and sell to a buyer that may show interest and can make money which will be helpful for you.

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