8 Best Tools To Jumpstart Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

Marketing is not that easy and straightforward. One needs to be street smart while applying the techniques, especially over the social media. Instagram is a fast growing social media in recent times and companies are very popularly using this for enhancing their businesses too.

Let us discuss 8 prime and utmost tools to jumpstart your business over Instagram.

There is one mistake which people often commit and that is running behind gaining the higher number of followers forgetting that what really matters in long run is engagement. Instagram offers you a great power to convey visual graphics to your customers. So it is very important to do that is right and effective manner. And hence, one needs to understand the importance of engagements over just numbers which we see on followers count.

1. ScheduGram

Now how to attain these engagements might be a doubt for you! One can use ScheduGram in order to plan the Instagram posts as it is very helpful in engaging your posts in the right order at a right time when your users are most active. And hence they not only will follow but also will see what you are offering. With just expenditure of 13$, you can get access to very exciting services. And initial time period is free so you get used to its powers.

2. Iconosquare

It is one of the most used Web interfaces in recent times. The features offered by icon square are very attractive and indeed very helpful. One can easily track every comment posted on the Instagram account so that one is updated with the response of customers. Likes and comments on the posts of your followers or users which who. You want to engage can also be performed using this. So that your followers will know that you are very well engaged with them and interested in what they do so they would be entitled to show some interest in return. Now talking about cost. You can use benefits of Iconosquare at a range of 49$ to 499$ a year. And to know how beneficial it is, it offers you a 1 week free trial period.

3. Crowdfire

People are aware of Crowdfire as it is very handy twitter management app. But the recent developments in the app has made it available for Instagram too. You can follow other users to increase your reach and make them aware of your services. And if you want to check who do not follow back and unfollow them to reduce traffic, you can perform that too. And moreover, it offers you to handle even multiple accounts.

4. Repost

You might have been using this application for Twitter. It is very similar to use it for the Instagram too. You can Repost the posts of other users which you feel are important and also can cross post between your separate different accounts to give a nice shout-out to your every account. The free version is available without any cost but if you are eager to access few extra features the paid version is just for 4.99$.

5. Later

You are going off for a while but don’t want to miss the posting? Later is the right app to perform this task as one can easily schedule posts for some date later using the application. The cost starts from 9.50$ a month. Using the app you can schedule a post for a whole calendar.

6. Tagboard

It is very important to be aware what is going on in the market and one best way to do that on social media is using the trending hashtags so that the reach of your posts is increased and it may catch the eyes of as many as possible. One can easily track the hashtags related to Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr etc.

7. Ink361

It the newer and advanced version of the old Instagram, there are new much better advancements and features which are added to the application. One can easily generate own albums using it and can share them ahead to engage more audience. One can share these albums as a link. One can surf the photographs which are trending on separate geotags too.

8. Soldsie

You can research what your fans are trying to engage with and hence can make sure to tie up your Instagram photographs with that. And also can manage your photographs as compared to e-commerce inventory. It is available for free trial up to 30 days.

Instagram is a huge platform where if you connect with great members you can make a good social impact and also increase your sales too. These 8 tools and instruments will help you to give a kick start to your business and increase your reach to proper audience and attract more clients.

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