6 Awesome Tools to Find Long Tail Keywords for Any Niche

Keywords are very important to rank a particular website in a good position and to attract viewers. Keywords are very important as they help the readers to find their right choice of blogs in a very small span of time. Keywords are not only beneficial for the readers but as a writer or the owner of the blog or website, you can make more money and divert a heavy traffic to your blog using these special words. Especially long tail keywords have proven effective in increasing the traffic and diverting the traffic to your website or blog.

Below is the list of 6 awesome tools to find long tail keywords for any niche:

1. Google Auto Completion tool

This feature is inbuilt into the Google search. This tool is free of cost. Though everyone uses this tool daily they have missed or did not notice the tool before. This tool will help you to look out for long tail keywords easily which belong to the entire niche.

How to use it?

The tool is pretty simple to use. You need to type the first word of a particular niche and check the auto suggestions generated by Google. But this tool will not provide you with the additional information such as CPC, number of searches etc.

2. Google Auto Suggest

Even this tool is free of cost. This tool is made available by Keyword Tool Dominator. This tool will provide you with all the auto-generated keywords easily. Even the keywords are available for download in the .csv format. By clicking on the particular keyword, you can also get the necessary information regarded with the keyword. If you are using only the Google Auto-completion tool, then you must shift yourself and start using this tool as well.

3. Hit Tail

Got some professional blogs or an e-commerce website or a business blog? Your investment in this tool will be perfect for your blogs. Yes! This is a paid tool but it will never let your expectations down. This tool will find all the required long tail keywords with accuracy in the results. This tool will not only help you find the right keywords for your website but also give you necessary details that will give a push to the ranking of your website and attract more traffic to your website.

4. WordTracker Keyword Tool

WordTracker Keyword Tool is the very famous tool used for SEO. WordTracker Keyword Tool will help you to provide correct and accurate keywords. This tool not only provides you with correct keywords but also it will give the additional details like Keyword effectiveness index (KEI), competition and searches, Keyword in anchor and text (IAAT), etc.

In the free version of this tool, you will receive only hundred keyword search results. Unlock the premium version to avail all the amazing features. These amazing features include:

  1. 2000 search results
  2. Get an access to search engine data
  3. Use related search tools
  4. Save the keyword lists.
  5. Detailed and competition Keyword effectiveness index (KEI)

5. Uber Suggest Tool

Uber Suggest Tool is a free and awesome long tail keyword search tool. This tool not only provides you with the correct and accurate set of keywords but also it will give the additional details like Keyword effectiveness index (KEI), competition and searches, Keyword in anchor and text (IAAT), etc. Uber Suggest Tool also provides the user with an effective and unique set of keywords that will help the user in a long run. Uber Suggest Tool is also a free tool for finding some awesome and creative post ideas.

6. Long Tail Pro

Looking out for desktop software? Then Long Tail Pro tool is the best software based on the desktop. You can sit and relax and search for the long keywords. Long Tail Pro tool provides the users with an accurate and correct result and therefore it is the most popular tool for all the webmasters.

You don’t believe in me? No issues there is 10 days free trial version of the Long Tail Pro tool available and you can be astonished by the results generated. After the free period, you are free to purchase the premium version of the tool and you will not regret after the purchase of the tool.

These are some of the best keyword search tools. After collecting all the keywords required you can start writing your quality keyword rich content.

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