10 Best Methods to Secure Your WordPress Website

The news of websites getting hacked is known to all. There are people who are not aware of the technical background and for them, the safeguarding of their own websites might be a complicated aspect. The hackers will continue to attack your websites. Hence you need to be very smart in order to protect your website from such kind of attacks from hacking. WordPress website can be constructed easily and that is why most of us prefer it as we often lack the technical knowledge of coding and prefer not to hire a coder. We need to realize that the security is not a sole responsibility of the owner of the website. We all being an internet user must be careful and aware of the security. 

Here are the best methods to secure your WordPress website:

1. Protect against brute force attacks

These force attacks are a serious concerns s they can easily breach your firewall and the password protection. So you need to take help of certain outside applications to ensure that your website is safe. Such as to limit the login attempts and if someone is taking more attempts they must be blocked or asked for security questions or reference.

2. Always keep up your site with updates

WordPress offers many updates time to time and we should not ignore these updates as they are very much important in terms of tackling several hackers or bugs those are released in order to hinder the performance of the online services. SO never ignore any update offered by the WordPress.

3. Create & Maintain strong passwords

It is said that a password must contain the upper letter, lower letter, symbol, and numeric digit too. We often end up making a simpler password in order to easily remember it but those easy passwords are very much easier for the hackers to crack. SO the pattern must be smart and alphanumeric including few symbols too.

4. Protect your WordPress admin access

The admin name set up as admin is very common and all the hackers now attack easily on such heading names. So not only for passwords but also with the login access name at the admin panel you must be careful.

5. Choose the right Web Hosting

There is so many web hosting available on the internet. SO don’t fall into the trap of cheap hosting as they provide very less security access. Make sure that you choose a web hosting that ensures you the nice level of security and can protect your website from getting attacked.

6. Monitor for malware

Managing malware is not that tough as one may understand. Online threats do come in forms of viruses and malware. So you must have your system protected with some anti-virus application to protect against this malware.

7. If you got malware then do something

Even after having certain anti-virus software you may end up receiving the malware. Do something about it very quickly or else your system may easily get hacked and hence your useful documents and the website too. So you may mail to companies providing anti-malware services.

8. Clean your site like you clean your Car and Kitchen

Believe that your website is a part of your home and always keep checking for any types of bugs and any extra cookies or caches that are saved. It may be in your system but it still is an essential part of your home and you really need to handle and clean it regularly to keep it safe.

9. Control sensitive information

Always make sure that the sensitive info like passwords or login details or several other important details are saved a secured place. Often while clean up may delete few important security files. Avoid such kind of mistakes.

10. Stay vigilant, aware and alert!

We need to respect the fact that the attacking on websites is very common and hence even after applying many of these methods you might get hacked. Don’t panic, you can easily report such activity. Whenever you are using a service you may get hindered up a little. Just be aware and always be up to the mark.

If you are a beginner in using the WordPress website then you are going in the right direction. The more you care for the security the more it gets harder to break it. So make sure you always secure your WordPress site if you love it.

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