8 Powerful Digital Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Consider Using

Creativity and intuition are the most effective marketing strategic tools. There are various effective ways to make the target market available to you, to need to adhere with various website designing, collecting website data, manage various social media, segmentation of your email marketing lists, tracking your campaigns and many more.

There are various tools available out there which can help you significantly manage the marketing tasks. Yet, there is a disadvantage where the people are unaware of tools which will ultimately help make best and better decisions so far.

The main purpose of writing this article is to give you the quick review of the most powerful and important marketing tools that every marketer should consider while adhering their tasks. This will make it easy for them to work on it.

Here are the best digital marketing tools for a marketer:

1. Buffer

It helps in saving time and it’s super easy to manage the social media accounts here. The buffer also helps in scheduling, publishing and analyzing your post all in one convenient location.


It is usually used for the industrial purpose to analyze the best valid time for you to post and then gives the automatically generated option to share your content. This was you are getting more likes from your followers/fans. If you are not keen enough to let buffer schedule your posting, you can always opt to reschedule it by yourself.

Pablo introduced buffer which is a super cool tool change the social media age. Once you create an image, you can immediately post it. It’s beyond helpful and there are various image template and fonts to choose from if you are not a designer. It is convenient and saves lots of time.

The most disadvantage of the buffer could be that it’s not linked to Instagram. It has different pricing plans to match your needs. They even have free account plans.

2. Twilio

It is one of the convenient apps which uses cloud communication platform. It always allows you to build apps that can help you improve your communications with everyone. You can create voice, video, messaging and authentication APIs for every application.

API technologies are the strongest core of Twilio here. You can embed voice, messaging, video and authentication in every of your apps.

You can easily add features.

It’s one of the powerful and custom apps for communication for marketers.

It’s highly programmable app and it won’t be beneficial for someone who isn’t aware of it.

It’s free to get a Twilio API, but pricing for different products vary depending on products and services. You can visit their website for getting a more clear idea of their pricing.

3. Marchex

It’s a big mobile advertising and analytics company which helps in delivering a full view of marketing effectiveness. It connects customer actions to mobile behavior and digital. It offers analytics for display and searches moreover it efficient mobile ad network.

The specialist of using Marchex is it’s inbound phone calls. It’s easy to see how a specific online behavior or search term lead to a specific result.

The actions which are converting leads and sales and all are easily shown by the Marchex.

It is a great tool for marketing strategy and it saves money.

One of the most disadvantages is the high premium pricing.

4. Google DFA (DoubleClick by Google)

DoubleClick by Google is a digital marketing solution which can help marketers analyze standard. It’s a powerful tool for Bid management, search management, etc.

This platform is completely free of cost and a very amazing way for marketers to connect with publishers.

According to various research, Google currently dominates the marketing area of industry which limits the competition.

5. Facebook Ads

It’s an advertising platform made for advertising on Facebook that helps you reach your target market.

fb ad

It does all the works right from creating ad, targeting the audience and reading your available analytics to you whenever you login to your account. It’s easily manageable, easy to us and produces excellent results.

But, Facebook is a social media platform which many uses to simply connect with friends and family. So sometimes ads go unnoticed. With Facebook ads, it is easy to set your price campaign parameters.

6. MailChimp

Its one of the leading email marketing tools which are used to help you stay connected with subscribers. It has a long list of features which includes Email automation tools, Advanced analytics, Mobile options, Hundreds of other integrations etc.

Email marketing is effective ways to get and keep customers intake. MailChimp is an email marketing tool helping you keep in touch with subscribers. There are various free plans available. You can even opt for various other format which are priced. But they don’t have access to analytics.

7. AppNexus

It’s an independent ad tech platform which helps customers maximize campaign effectiveness and spend wisely. It has products for publishers, agencies/advertisers, and ad tech companies.

It’s a great way to expand your advertising reach. AppNexus is a great tool, for marketers who are looking to connect with right companies. You need to contact them for price consultation.

8. Moz

Moz is one of the best resources online to help you create, manage, and analyze your search, local, social, and content marketing campaigns.

It’s a user friendly tool which helps for effective marketing. They too produce some content on internet for helping learn some techniques of SEO and SMM. It’s one stop game in aspect of local, content and social marketing.

Moz’s products and capabilities are quite robust, so it’s difficult to provide a quick review. Prices vary depending on various products.

As a digital marketer it is not easy to complete all the tasks by your own. Therefore these tools are there to help you out in every situation you are stuck into and will make your work a little ease. Take some time out, sit and just overview the tools once.

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